Review: “Kasey” by Lowkey Kemp

Oklahoma City artist, Lowkey Kemp, is best described as a true original. He doesn’t adhere to any traditional rap guidelines and his formula is simply authentic. When you listen to his music, you’re not only getting powerful lyrics and soulful production, it is audible art. His album titled “Kasey” is a compelling retrospective on his life.

“Kasey” Album Cover

The album begins with an intro of Lowkey Kemp and Kasey having an intimate father and son moment and fades excellently into “World So Crazy”, a message of caution from father to son about the state of the world. The talented lyricist pairs heavy topics with a smooth hip-hip beat and a super catchy hook. (Trust me, you won’t be able to get it out of your head!) You can feel the love all over the record and it sets the tone for the entire LP.

The mellow “Soul Glow” is an ode to inner beauty and shuns the often shallow and deceptive outside world. One the album’s many highlights, and one of my favorite songs from the album is “Seen A Lot”. The beat catches your attention but the known measured flow that Lowkey Kemp commands keeps you engaged. This album is not only ambitious with the heavy content, it also features the variety needed to sustain a compelling listen. By the time you’ve made it to the bold and audacious “RNDRS” you’re absolutely going to be hooked. With lines like “Bullets ain’t got no name and niggas ain’t got no aim”, you‘ll be nodding your head and talking back in

The honesty and familiarity throughout this project gives you that back-in-the-day, barbershop on a Saturday vibe. Bar-for-Bar, Kemp takes you on a spiritual journey through his heart and soul. Whether you have been a fan of Lowkey Kemp or just discovering him, “Kasey” will certainly not disappoint.

Lowkey Kemp in the studio with his son and album namesake, Kasey.

Kasey, the album’s namesake, is not to be upstaged by his talented father. He kicks off the uplifting and genius “Black Woman” with his rendition of a song I’ve never heard but his conviction in singing it makes it adorable and impressive nonetheless. “Black Woman” is not only an amazing record, but it’s also a pure and beautifully written open letter to Black women.

The album closes with the smooth and bass-heavy “Italya”, a sentimental and raw tribute to his beautiful wife and how they fell in love. He raps “It was love at first sight so I had to play my cards right.” This track will certainly leave your heart melting. It is most definitely a side of this artist a lot of fans will be surprised and pleased to see!

Lowkey Kemp definitely wanted to make a point with this album. The engaging delivery, impeccable collaborations, fully captivating lyrics, and nostalgic tone make this project a classic. It all adds up to an album that’s exactly what his fans have come to expect and then some. In a world where trap music is all the rage and artists come and go; it’s refreshing to have true lyricists like Lowkey Kemp bringing real hip-hop back to center stage.

-Landon Payne

C., Production: n0_DNA, Big Dew, Lowkey Kemp

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